Darren Waller- His Positions

For Waller, it's an increase in his position from 2021 when he was with a 35 and had a decline in his production.

Was expected given the fact that he established the Raiders record by catching 107 times in 2020.

Darren Waller- Raiders Record

Darren Waller- The Best Player

Waller was widely regarded as the best player in the game of tight ends. He was not known as Travis Kelce.

Remember that these rankings are decided by their colleagues, which is why we pay attention to them.

Darren Waller- These Rankings

For Waller, the news is an increase in his position from 2021, when he was at the age of 35.

Darren Waller- Increase in Position

Waller had a decline in his production this season. However, it was inevitable considering records.

Darren Waller- His Productions

He recorded a Raiders record with 107 catches in the 2020 NFL season that drove audiences crazy.

Darren Waller- NFL Season

Darren Waller- Fourth Raider

Image Source- Fan Sided

If we take Darren Waller into consideration then he is the fourth Raiders player to be included.

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