Davante Adams- College Coach

The Davante Adams team has ambitions of winning the Super Bowl now that is back with his college coach.

They've been tested playing on the fields, playing at Fresno State and breaking school records in five games.

Davante Adams- Tested Playing

However, they faced a challenge that was unlike anything they'd seen playing on the gridiron.

Davante Adams- A Challenge

"We almost died together," the five-time Pro Bowl wide receiver declared in an ESPN feature story.

Davante Adams- Five Times Pro

Adams refers to the time during college when he took a whitewater rafting trip alongside his football.

Davante Adams- During College

The pair were joined by Carr's girlfriend Heather Neel who is now his wife as well as the guide.

Davante Adams- His Wife

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Davante Adams- For Murder

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Adams comes from a town that was at one time called the country's capital for murder.

All the bonding that they've shared has led to Carr determining that Adams will join the team.

Davante Adams- Determining

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