The Los Angeles Dodgers had five home runs, setting a season record. However, the team also ran into trouble in the first three innings.

Dave Roberts- Los Angeles Dodgers

Trea Turner was twice up in the first when he tried to steal second base from Will Smith on a pitch he lifted to left field.

Dave Roberts- Was Twice Up

Turner went head-first to second base, but he failed to find the ball in time. Tommy Pham was able to throw over for an end-of-inning double play.

Dave Roberts- End of the Innings

Because Cody Bellinger's sacrifice fly from center field was not successful, the Dodgers took a 1-0 lead.

Dave Roberts- From the Center Field

Austin Barnes, who was trying to move from first to third base on Trea Turner’s single, was caught in the next inning.

Dave Roberts- Trying to Move

These sequences were very similar to previous Dodgers outs on bases. Manager Dave Roberts didn't have.

Image Source- NBC Los Angeles

Dave Roberts- Sequences were Similar

After the Dodgers had a string of being picked off multiple times and thrown out at the bases in series

Image Source- New Yorker

Dave Roberts- After the Dodgers

FanGraph's baserunning metrics (BsR), which converts stolen bases, caught thefts, and plays such as extra bases into runs.

Dave Roberts- Baserunning Metrices

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