Chicago Bears receiver David Moore was detained on Monday at Gainesville, Texas.

David Moore- Chicago Bears

David Moore- Gainesville Police

Gainesville police reported in a news release that at around 11.18 p.m. in the evening of Sunday.

Moore is identified as the man who was in the driver's seat the vehicle. Officers also detected the smell of marijuana.

David Moore- Smell of Drug

They also searched the vehicle of Moore and found an assortment of THC edible candy.

David Moore- Found an Assortment

Moore who is an Gainesville local, was taken into custody and was charged with the possession of controlled drug.

David Moore- Taken Into Custody

"We are aware of an incident involving the arrest of Bears wide receiver David Moore," the Bears released.

David Moore- Aware of Incidents

"We are in the process of gathering more information. We will refrain from making any further comment.

David Moore- Gathering Information

Moore was signed to a 1-year deal in the city of Chicago in April, after having participated in the Bears.

David Moore- 1 Year Deal

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