Davis Webb- MetLife Stadium

Tyrod Taylor, due to a back injury during the opening period of a loss 31-27 against The Jets at MetLife Stadium.

 He was substituted with Davis Webb, who is trying to avoid being designated a practice squad and be added to for the team.

Davis Webb- The Team

In the short time he was on the field, Taylor completed 2 of four passes for 29 yards. He also ran once for 13 yards.

Davis Webb- 13 Yards

Like he did throughout the summer, Webb was successful in keeping the ball moving and score scores to the Giants.

Davis Webb- The Giants

He's calmer and more collected than he was when an unproven rookie in the year the year 2017 and during the training camp of 2018.

Davis Webb- Training Camp

Webb was the director of 2 touchdown runs and was precise with his throws (30-for-38 and 200 yards) in the final game of the preseason.

Davis Webb- Game For Preseason

Webb led a 10-play 44-yard drive that culminated in Ryan Santoso's field goal of 49 yards to bring the Giants ahead by 27-24.

Davis Webb- Ahead By 27-24

Davis Webb- Touchdown Rushing

Image Source- NYPOST,  APNEWS

Five offensive sequences resulted in one field goal and one touchdown rushing.

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