The Phoenix Suns matched the Indiana Pacers' four-year, $133 million contract sheet for free agent.

DeAndre Ayton- Phoenix Suns

DeAndre Ayton- As per the Sources

Deandre Ayton opening the door for him to join the team, his representatives, Bill Duffy and Nima Namakian said to ESPN.

The Suns had until 11:59 p.m. ET the previous Saturday night to make the most comprehensive offer.

DeAndre Ayton- Comprehensive Offer

In the history of NBA however they matched the offer immediately as well as ended Pacers in their pursuit of Ayton.

DeAndre Ayton- In the NBA History

Phoenix did not appear to be able to sign a trade agreement in conjunction with Indiana ahead of Ayton.

DeAndre Ayton- Sign Trade Agreement

If the Suns weren't able to match, they'd lost Ayton who was the no. number one overall pick at the time.

DeAndre Ayton- No. 1 Overall Pick

The Suns are not able to trade Ayton until January. 15, and are unable to trade him for the full year.

DeAndre Ayton- Analyse Trade

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This keeps Ayton from any potential trade during the offseason that involves the Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant.

DeAndre Ayton- The Offseason

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