Deandre Hopkins- Helping Residents

DeAndre Hopkins is taking part in helping the residents of Arizona keep cool in the mids.

The Cardinals wideout stepped out of the air-conditioned comforts of his mansion and entered the scorching heat.

Deandre Hopkins- Comforts

Deandre Hopkins- His Buddies

Making contact with his buddies to load the bed of a pickup truck with ice bags and water to travel around.

The 30-year-old shared his amazing gesture on TikTok ... telling, "We decided to spend the day.

Deandre Hopkins- Amazing Gestures

In the video it is possible to see the five-time Pro Bowler strolling across sidewalks and streets with water.

Deandre Hopkins- Prro Bowler

"I've been through hard times myself and I still remember how much things like this helped.

Deandre Hopkins- Hard Times

He has been traded by his team the Texans for the Cardinals in 2020 revealed to us last year.

Deandre Hopkins- Has been Traded

Image Source- Outsider

There was Hopkins who understood that the effort of a few minutes could be an enormous amount.

Aaron Rodgers- Survey Conducted

Image Source- iHeart

Aaron Rodgers deserves his place at the top of the charts following his stellar performance...

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