DeAndre Hopkins- Wide Receivers

Wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins despite playing only 10 games in the last season, was included in the final rankings.

Hopkins had a lower number of catches in 2022 due to his fellow players on the team, however, he had 42 receptions.

DeAndre Hopkins- Lower Numbers

DeAndre Hopkins- Most Sought Athletes

He is among the most sought-after athletes in the NFL. He is always admired by the defensive coordinators.

A number of players had positive remarks about Hopkins during Hopkins' interview on the NFL Network.

DeAndre Hopkins- Positive Remarks

Las Vegas Raiders defensive end Chandler Jones, Hopkins' co-teammate for the Cardinals.

DeAndre Hopkins- Defensive Ends

Just the things that he does, the respect he commands on the field, it can be a defensive coordinator's nightmare.

DeAndre Hopkins- On the Field

He's definitely a great player," Los Angeles Rams safety Jordan Fuller said. "Real talented, excellent hands.

DeAndre Hopkins- A Great Player

Image Source- Fox News

DeAndre Hopkins- His Third Season

Image Source- Forbes

Hopkins is about to begin his third season in Arizona following his move as part of a deal that saw the Cardinals.

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