The league's PED policy permits the league to make comments on the suspension of a player.

DeAndre Hopkins- Policy Permits

DeAndre Hopkins- Public Claims

The purpose of "correct incorrect public claims made by the player or his representative regarding the effectiveness.

The NFL Players Association expressed its opinion on the recent suspension to try to clarify an inaccurate public statement.

DeAndre Hopkins- Player Associations

"On May 2nd, 2022 it was reported that the NFL Network reported that DeAndre Hopkins was suspended.

DeAndre Hopkins- NFL Network

Possibly for the result of a positive lab test for a prohibited substance and an agent to mask or diuretic.

DeAndre Hopkins- Positive Lab Test

Hopkins has claimed that he didn't intend to use an PED. This is one of the flaws in the system.

DeAndre Hopkins- Intend to Use

Since it places strict responsibility on anyone with a banned substance within his system, any player.

DeAndre Hopkins- Strict Responsibilities

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Particularly since almost every athlete who is positive for testing does. If they're telling the truth.

DeAndre Hopkins- Every Athlete

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