Deebo Samuel- Media Reports

Deebo Samuel spoke to media reports on him following the signing of his three-year contract worth $71,550,000.

There were numerous media reports suggesting that the wide receiver was hoping to be dealt.

Deebo Samuel- Wide Recievers

Deebo Samuel- Running Back

The reason he was denied was that he wasn't looking to be a running back in Kyle Shanahan's team's.

Samuel had the 59-yard rushing record, which was more than 365 yards of rushing, as well as eight scores.

Deebo Samuel- 59 Yeards Rushing

The eight touchdowns he scored rushing put him in the top 10 among the NFL and also the most.

Deebo Samuel- Eight Touchdowns

As we've discussed earlier in this article, the new contract that was signed by 49ers receiver Samuel.

Deebo Samuel- New Contract

The incentives for the year of $650,000 are solely based on touchdowns or rushing yards.

Deebo Samuel- Rushing Yards

If he fails to reach 38 rushing yards, but scores three touchdowns rushing the reward is $150,000.

Deebo Samuel- 38 Rushing Yards

Image Source- NBC Sports

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