Deebo Samuel- The 49ers

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Deebo Samuel Deebo Samuel, a wide receiver for the 49ers.

Nick Wagoner said in his report that Samuel was "not expected to miss much time" and is expected to be back the following week.

Deebo Samuel- Following Week

The 49ers start their regular season on Sept. 11 when they play their rivals, the Chicago Bears.

Deebo Samuel- Chicago Bears

Samuel was among the top receivers in San Francisco in the last season, taking the ball 77 times for 1,405 yards.

Deebo Samuel- 77 Times

Scoring six touchdowns in 16 games, however, Samuel hasn't been the most reliable player in his early days of professional football.

Deebo Samuel- Professional  Football

The 26-year-old was in seven games in the 2020 season because of an injury to his foot as well as a hamstring strain.

Deebo Samuel- Hamstring Strain

Deebo Samuel- Touchdown

Image Source- SI.COM

However, and caught three passes, gaining 391 yards, and scoring a touchdown.

It was an unsatisfactory year for the second-round draft pick of the 2019 season after he ended his first season with 57 catches.

Deebo Samuel- 57 Catches

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