Deebo Samuel- The Standard

Samuel is expected to be a formidable player once again in 2022 however, achieving the standard.

Samuel will still be an excellent player absolutely. But I don't think he'll be the primary carrier of the offense once more.

Deebo Samuel- Once More

Samuel carried the offense as a receiver, receiving 1,000 yards in the mid-season, before converting to running back.

Deebo Samuel- Running Back

Samuel had accumulated 1,405 receiving yards. Over 1,000 yards is going to be on his radar again.

Deebo Samuel- Radar Again

DraftKings book has set the over/under to 950.5 receiver yards in the coming season for Samuel for the upcoming season.

Deebo Samuel- Upcomming Season

There was no other player to be concerned. As as long as Samuel was on the field and active.

Deebo Samuel-Field and Active

Deebo Samuel- Offensive Department

Image Source- USATODAY, The Gaurdian

This year will not be any of that. If the 49ers remain reliant upon Samuel as their sole source of power in the offensive department.

I believe that Samuel is the main driver for a small portion often. Samuel will not be the leading horse needs to be in every game.

Deebo Samuel- Every Game

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