When Madden announces their annual player ratings, it draws the attention of the whole NFL world.

Deebo Samuel- Madden 23

Deebo Samuel- Players Always

Fans and players always are eager to see what scores the game assigns to their squads.

This often leads to discussions and debates about which players are overrated or underrated according to the rules.

Deebo Samuel- Leads to Discussions

Madden NFL 23 recently began making player ratings available for the coming edition of the game.

Deebo Samuel- Recently Began

Wide receivers were among the players featured in their initial set of release.

Deebo Samuel- Were Among

Deebo Samuel is a average of 89 for his player rating from Madden 23. This might look good initially.

Deebo Samuel- An Average

There are twelve other wide receivers who had a higher rating this year, as being two other players.

Deebo Samuel- Wide Receivers

Image Source- Sports Illustrated

Deebo Samuel was among the most energetic players in the NFL during the 2021 season.

Deebo Samuel- Most Energetic

Image Source- NBC Sports

Pro Football Focus (PFF) has been currently unveiling their rankings of the top 50 players of the NFL...

Jonathan Taylor Underranked in PFF