Dejounte Murray- Less than a Month

A little less than a month has gone by after the shock that followed Dejounte Murray's departure out.

In the time since Murray left for with the Atlanta Hawks, the affection and respect between Murray.

Dejounte Murray- ATlanta Hawks

Dejounte Murray- Recent Remarks

However Murray's recent remarks on social media, which sunk the team to 15 years of loss has sent.

Murray's reported response, which was captured in multiple screen recordings made by his fans.

Dejounte Murray- Response

BYE fly little birdy, Good luck getting to the 2nd round at least we got the picks and we're building around Keldon.

Dejounte Murray- Little Birdie

Dejounte is no longer a Spur However, he can speak about the team who recently traded Murray.

Dejounte Murray- No Longer a Spur

Image Source- New York Posr

The Hawks guard has taken to the internet recently to share his happiness with his new position.

Dejounte Murray- To the Internet

Image Source- Sports Illustrated

Murray or seeing the way it was received differently than he planned or thinking it wasn't worthy.

Dejounte Murray- Wasn't Worthy

Image Source- Express News

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