The NBA draft Thursday night has brought a long list veteran players to the forefront of early offseason chatter.

Dejounte Murray- NBA Draft

Dejounte Murray (San Antonio Spurs All Star guard), who's cryptic tweet lit up the internet on Tuesday.

Dejounte Murray- Cryptic Tweet

The Spurs have made multiple offers to Murray, and they told several interested teams.

Dejounte Murray- Multiple Offers

This will set a rough benchmark of three first round picks for any potential suitors to take Murray.

Dejounte Murray- Rough Benchmark

Antonio's most important discussions about Murray seem to have taken place with the Atlanta Hawks.

Dejounte Murray- Important Discussion

Since the February trade deadline, San Antonio and Atlanta had been discussing this deal idea.

Image Source- Pounding the Rock

Dejounte Murray- Trade Deadline

He earned his first All Star nod and was able to flirt with season-long averages that a triple-double.

Image Source- Twitter

Dejounte Murray- Flirt with Season

Murray's costly contract extension is also in the near future. Murray's current $64 million.

Dejounte Murray- Contract Extension

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