The apology message was sent by Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian sent to SkyMiles members.

Delta Airlines- Apology Meassage

Airline broadcast to millions of customers via its website, its media as well as Bastian's own personal LinkedIn page.

Delta Airlines- Millions of Customers

If you've traveled on an airplane recently, or read anything whatsoever concerning air travel in the summer months.

Delta Airlines- Concerning Air Travel

Aircrafts are usually overbooked, flights are delayed or cancelled and airline workers are stressed and passengers are not happy.

Delta Airlines- Was Overbooked

According to FlightAware the website, more than 700 U.S. flights were canceled and 5,200 were delayed (not particular for Delta).

Delta Airlines- Recent Data

Delta ended up offering passengers $10,000 to forfeit their seats to take another flight later.

Delta Airlines- $10000 Incentives

To counter that, Delta wanted to apologize for the delays and cancellations.

Delta Airlines- Delays & Cancellations

In a way, it is easy to draft a decent apology when you know that virtually nothing you could ever say.

Delta Airlines- Easy to Draft

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