Demar Derozan- Reaction

DeRozan's NSFW reaction to Dray's endeavored Warriors enrollment initially showed up on NBC Sports.

In the late spring of 2021, the Warriors were searching for veteran players who were available.

Demar Derozan- Late Spring

Demar Derozan- Accepted

The Warriors accepted DeRozan could acknowledge the $5.9 citizen midlevel special case.

Nonetheless, during DeRozan's appearance on Thursday's version of "The Draymond Green Show.

Demar Derozan- Appearance

Warriors caused the previous Toronto Raptors star to utilize NSFW language toward his companion Green.

Demar Derozan- Toronto Raptors

The discussion went to 'Come to the Warriors', and you were like, no. I'm not coming there.

Demar Derozan- Coming There

'm not coming to play with you all,'" Green said. Furthermore, Green told DeRozan.

Demar Derozan- Coming to Play

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DeRozan had a decent first season with Chicago as he found the middle value of 27.9 points.

Demar Derozan- First Season

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The NBA has opened an altering examination concerning 76ers' James Harden...

James Harden being inquired by NBA