Dennis Schroder- Boston Celtics

It is led to success by Boston Celtics alumni Daniel Theis and Dennis Schroder, Dennis Schroder and Daniel Theis.

German National Team is off to a fantastic start in 2022 EuroBasket play after a surprising victory against The French National Team.

Dennis Schroder- National Team

Championship series, as the quadrennial contest to establish a basketball hegemony in the continent.

Dennis Schroder- Championship

Schroder spoke to the media shortly after Germany's enthralling beginning to the tournament by beating.

Dennis Schroder- Tournament By Beating

. He was saying that he believed Germany's German National Team was getting synergy from the new level of chemistry.

Dennis Schrode- Level Of Chemistry

I think our team chemistry is amazing," Schroder stated during the course of an interview with Eurohoops TV.

Dennis Schroder- Eurohoops

Dennis Schroder- Bosnia

Image Source-  LATIMES, Sky Sports

We (will) try to keep ready for Bosnia and do the same thing against them," said to the German flooring general.

The current location is known as this Eurobasket known as"the "Group of Death" given the previous EuroBasket champions.

Dennis Schroder- Eurobasket

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