Dennis Schroder- Sneaker Deal

The night before the an experienced NBA points guard Dennis Schroder announced his new clothing and footwear deal.

The collaboration with Puma and Schroder is an ideal connection. Schroder has been born and raised in Germany.

Dennis Schroder- Ideal Connection

The company has been known for years as a household name but has experienced a growth in recognition.

Dennis Schroder- In Recognition

Schroder has been released following being with his former teams, the Houston Rockets and Boston Celtics.

Dennis Schroder- Former Teams

The 28-year-old could likely sign with a different team as we nearer to the beginning of training camp.

Dennis Schroder- Different Teams

Even though he played for two teams during the season Schroder was able to average 13.5 scores and 4.6 assists.

Dennis Schroder- Average Scores

Image Source- Sky Sports

Dennis Schroder- Puma for Basketball

Image Source- USA Today

Schroder was a tippy hand during in the last season, when he began sporting Puma sneakers for basketball.

While Schroder is a household name however, it is unlikely the player will be able to get a signature sneakers line.

Dennis Schroder- Household Name

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