Derrick Henry- Tennessee Titans

According to a source who is aware of the situation The Tennessee Titans revised Derrick Henry's contract.

Granted the running back a two million pay raise, as per NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport on Thursday.

Derrick Henry- Twoo Million Pay

This season, Henry was expected to make 12 million dollars. With the increase of $2 million up to $14 million.

Derrick Henry- $14 Million

Henry beats Ezekiel Elliott who is owed $12.4 million. He is the most lucrative RB this season, in relation to the cash payout for 2022.

Derrick Henry- Payout For 2022

For 2020, the player who is 28 signed a contract worth $50 million over four years. Following this season.

Derrick Henry- Following This Season

Henry is predicted to be an unrestricted free agent following his 2023 campaign.

Derrick Henry- 2023 Campaign

Derrick Henry- New Contract

Image Source- CBS Sport, Yardbarker

In essence, it is the Titans who have increased Henry's wages in the hopes of negotiating a new contract.

Henry recently completed the 2021 season with injuries. He missed nine games because of an injury to his foot. 

Derrick Henry- His Foot

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