Deshaun Watson has reached a settlement outside of court. The 26-year-old is still at the top of the latest NFL.

Deshaun Watson- Reached Settlements

Watson has chosen to settle the majority of the lawsuits that stems from the adolescent allegations of sexual misconduct.

Deshaun Watson- Chosen to Settle

Concluding 20 of the open cases, as per Houston lawyer Tony Buzbee -- who represents all 24 accusers.

Deshaun Watson- Concluding 20 Cases

In this way, each resolved case is dismissed in the manner Buzbee stated in the following portion of his public statement.

Deshaun Watson- Resolved Case

"Today I'm pleased to declare that all of the cases involving Deshaun Watson, apart from four cases, have been settled.

Deshaun Watson- Pleased to Declare

We are currently working on the paperwork associated with those settlements.

Image Source- NBC News

Deshaun Watson- Currently Working

The terms and amount of the settlements remain private. We aren't going to comment about the settlements.

Image Source- CBS Sports

Deshaun Watson- Settlements Remained

Despite two grand juries deciding there was insufficient evidence to bring Watson for criminal charges.

Deshaun Watson- Two Grand Injuries

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