The NFL is investigating Deshaun Watson over a year the investigation was brought to the forefront.

Deshaun Watson- Under Investigation

It will be determined if Watson should be banned for breaking his NFL's individual conduct guidelines.

Deshaun Watson- Should He be Banned

The hearing started on Tuesday, and the way CBS Sports NFL Insider Josina Anderson writes it was officially closed.

Deshaun Watson- Hearing Started

After that the NFL and NFLPA both laid out their respective cases, the fate of Watson is in the hands.

Deshaun Watson- Laid Out Cases

Watson was facing 24 sexual misconduct cases however, this number has been reduced by four after he signed settlement.

Deshaun Watson- How Many Cases

Despite the settlements that were reached, the NFL continued to push on for an immediate suspension.

Deshaun Watson- Settlements

In terms of when the decision will be made the decision could be several weeks before we know Watson's fate.

Deshaun Watson- Several Weeks After

Image Source- USA Today

ESPN says that the briefs for post-hearing from the two sides will be due during the month of July 11.

Deshaun Watson- Post Hearing

Image Source- NBC News

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