Deshaun Watson- Speculations

There was speculation that Peter Harvey, an appeals officer, might suspend Browns QB Deshaun.

On Wednesday, they announced that Watson would start the Week One preseason match.

Deshaun Watson- Preseason Match

Deshaun Watson- Obligations

Although there was no obligation for Cleveland to disclose their plans to anyone, it left no doubt.

It feels like the Browns are daring Harvey to act sooner rather than later so that they can plan accordingly.

Deshaun Watson- Daring Harvey

This is because the NFL Players Association could rush to court to get an order allowing Watson.

Deshaun Watson- NFL Player

Harvey could issue his ruling at 5:00 p.m. ET Friday, the NFLPA has approximately 120 minutes.

Deshaun Watson- Approximately

Everyone now knows Watson will be playing on Friday night. Unless Harvey decides otherwise and the NFLPA.

Deshaun Watson- Harvey Decides

Deshaun Watson cannot block that ruling from being enforced in court.

Deshaun Watson- Enforced in Court

Image Source- USA Today

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