Desmond Ridder was not drafted until the third round. He would have to wait to be called the second quarterback.

Desmond Ridder- Drafted in the 3rd Round

Arthur Smith, the head coach, praised Wednesday's young quarterback's grasp of the playbook since joining the club.

Desmond Ridder- The Head Coach

Smith stated that the Desmond Ridder is light years ahead most young quarterbacks, from the neck down

Desmond Ridder- Light Years Ahead

Smith said, "Clearly, he's got the potential to improve... but behind-the scenes, there are some things he has done.

Desmond Ridder- Potential to Improve

Ridder stated, "Honestly, I'm going to lie, but I thought that I was going in and struggle a bit.

Desmond Ridder- Going to Lie

We're nearly done with all our installations and have completed all of the checks. It's easy to grasp. It was quite surprising.

Image Source- DraftKings Nation

Desmond Ridder- All the Checks

Ridder was a veteran of Cincinnati's four-year football program and helped lead it to the College Football Playoff.

Image Source- NY Post

Desmond Ridder- Veteran of Cincinnati

It appears that Ridder could be the Falcons' quarterback if he beats Marcus Mariota at training camp.

Desmond Ridder- Training Camp

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