Kemba Walker- Be Purchased

It was rumored that Kemba Walker would be purchased out by the Detroit Pistons when he was taken.

It was actually reported that it had happened. People speculated about what team would make.

Kemba Walker- People Speculated

Kemba Walker- The Pistons Roster

Troy Weaver might have another idea. Kembawalker is still listed on the Pistons roster, even though 17 players.

Walker is expected to be cut. The 32-year old is not a good fit for the roster and has just come off.

Kemba Walker- A Good Fit

Serious injury which left him looking a little washed. Walker has only played 136 games in the three previous.

Kemba Walker- Three Previous

Although it's likely that the Detroit Pistons will buy out Kemba Walker, it's smart to keep him.

Kemba Walker- Detroit Pistons

Walker is clearly in the final stages of his career. However, he will only make $9.1million next season.

Kemba Walker- In the Final Stage

Although the Pistons have many guards, they don't have any veterans with Walker as a four time All-Star.

Kemba Walker- Any Veterans

Image Source- Bleacher Reports

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