Sometimes, it appears like changes happen, but the longer and evolve, the more they remain the same.

Davante Adams- Changes Happen

Davante Adams- Extraordinary

Adams has been rated 99 times and following an extraordinary 2021 NFL season, Kupp only comes in at the 98th spot?

Davante Adams's 17-game record with 130 receptions and 1717 yards. He also scored 12 touchdowns.

Davante Adams- 17 Game Records

Cooper Kupp is the top of the line in this NFL Wide receiver spot. It doesn't matter if it's the shorter route.

Davante Adams- NFL WIde Receiver

It seems like very convincing data to me. I can see Cooper Kupp topping all receiver statistics.

Davante Adams- Very Convincing

What would Cooper Kupp's statistics appear like on a 17-game game? Kupp anticipates 150 receptions.

Davante Adams- Statistics

He was close to being the top wide receiver ever in the NFL. But , apparently, he's not quite as impressive than Devante Adams?

Davante Adams- In the NFL

Image Source- CNBC

If only he could have the two fourth quarters he missed after being removed from the field.

Davante Adams- Two Fourth Quarter

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The new acquisition A.J. Brown was not a surprise to be the top-rated Eagles receiver, earning an overall rating...

AJ Brown Ranked Best Wideouts in NFL