Three weeks following the Suns were shattered in their Game 7 defeat against the Dallas Mavericks.

Devin Booker- Three Weeks

Devin Booker tweeted two mysterious messages that seemed to point at the unending media attention.

Devin Booker- Two Mysterious

He received about his top-seeded team's collapse at the end of the season as well as his business decisions.

Devin Booker- Top Seeded Team

"Negativity at an all time high. Booker stated on June 4 and published two days later "I don't do deals.

Devin Booker- NBA 2K23 Cover

All has been good for Booker after that loss. He's featured on the NBA 2K23 video game cover.

Devin Booker- Video Game

He also signed an four-year supermax extension of $224 million in conjunction with the Suns on Wednesday.

Devin Booker- 4 Year Extension

The three-time All-Star was the highest-ranked player for being awarded All-NBA First Team honours.

Devin Booker- Highest Ranked Player

Signed, sealed, delivered," Booker tweeted along with an emoji of a checkmark regarding his supermax contract.

Devin Booker- Tweeted on Twitter

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Image Source- CBS Sports