Devin Bush- Pittsburg Steelers

The clock is running out on Devin Bush and his stint as a starter linebacker with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

 I think we all agree this. After displaying potential as a rookie, Bush recorded 109 tackles, 9 tackles for loss 1.0 scores.

Devin Bush- Loss 1.0 Scores

Two interceptions four fumble recovery as well as a forced fumble and an offensive scoring touchdown.

Devin Bush- Scoring Touchdown

Many people are wondering what this has to have to do with what happened to him following the ACL injury.

Devin Bush- ACL Injury

He suffered 5 games in his first season 2020. It's true that he appears like a different person after the injury,

Devin Bush- After The Injury

However regardless, everyone can agree that Bush hasn't been particularly impressive and has fallen far short of the expectations.

Devin Bush- The Expectations

We had of Bush when the Steelers made a trade to the 10th overall selection in 2019 in order to select Bush.

Devin Bush- Select Bush

Devin Bush- Being Tossed

Image Source- SI.COM

Bush appears to be in the process of being tossed out and it's that it's only a matter before his place on the team dwindles.

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