Devin White- Tom Brady

Tom Brady will be absent of his team the Buccaneers until at most the weekend of next week.

The team hasn't revealed why the legendary quarterback will be absent only saying that it was personal issue.

Devin White- Legendary QB

Devin White- Pro Bowl LB

Pro Bowl linebacker Devin White was confronted about Brady's absence following the practice.

He is confident in Brady's capability to prepare for the season even if he is absent from training.

Devin White- Absent from Training

He's an individual and that's all there is to it," White said. "He has personal issues being dealt with.

Devin White- Personal Issue

We're praising for his health and whatever else he's going in his life as an individual human being.

Devin White- Praising His Health

After practice, head coach Todd Bowles confirmed that he will be absent from the second preseason.

Devin White- Head Coach

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Devin White- Pretty Confident

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Bowles stated that that he had the "pretty confident" about the Hall of Fame's future star playing.

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