Dez Bryant- The Last Time

It's been long time from the last time Dez Bryant was seen in the stands putting in an "X" on the wall.

Following the loss of Amari Cooper during the offseason, those looking forward to a reunion felt their spirits.

Dez Bryant- During the Offseason

Dez Bryant- Believed Reunion

One NFL player believed that the reunion was so much of a chance that he decided to use social media.

Odell Beckham Jr. posted a message calling for Bryant to join the Cowboys along with Bryant to join forces.

Dez Bryant- Posted a Message

He is instead trying to achieve an alternative objective. This is how the encounter was handled.

Dez Bryant- Trying to Achieve

Based on Pro Football Reference this wide receiver was chosen with the Cowboy's 24th overall in the NFL Draft.

Dez Bryant- Pro Football Draft

In his debut season, he threw more than 45 balls for 561 yards and scored six touchdowns in the second year.

Dez Bryant- Six Touchdowns

Dez Bryant- Period of Dominance

Image Source- Coindesk

It marked the beginning of a four-year period of dominance which put his name in the spotlight.

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