DK Metcalf- Seattle Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks and star wide recipient DK Metcalf have consented to a three-year.

$72 million expansion that remembers $58.2 million for ensures, a source told ESPN's Adam Schefter.

DK Metcalf- Told ESPN

DK Metcalf- Dependable

The dependable all out incorporates a $30 million marking reward, the source said.

The arrangement carries a speedy finish to Metcalf's two-day "hold in" and secures one of the top entertainers.

DK Metcalf- Arrangements

The 24-year-old Metcalf, who had one year and just shy of $4 million remaining on his new kid.

DK Metcalf- A New Kid

The $24 million new-cash normal of his expansion makes Metcalf the Seahawks' most generously.

DK Metcalf- New Cash Normal

Metcalf and Stefon Diggs of the Bills are currently tied for having the 6th most noteworthy.

DK Metcalf- Currently Tied

Image Source- Seattle Times

The three-year length of the expansion is more limited than the Seahawks ordinarily like for enormous cash.

DK Metcalf- Three Year Length

Image Source- Seattle Times

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