Good News for the ShipBreaker Game Players!!!

After two years, Hardspace: Shipbreaker which is one of the most popular game, is coming out of early access.

Blackbird Interactive’s spaceship salvaging game will be officially released on May 24, 2022.

Hardspace Shipbreaker-Officially Releasing On

HardSpace ShipBreaker- Available to Play

The full PC release of  #HardspaceShipbreaker will hit on May 24th 2022 and you can play it Day One with @XboxGamePassPC.

Blackbird Interactive posted a bit more information about the 1.0 update and what to expect when the game fully launches. 

Hardspace Shipbreaker-Update 1.0

HardSpace ShipBreaker- Features & GamePlay

Hardspace: Shipbreaker will feature the finale to its campaign and well as “improved progression, economy, and upgrades.”

A powerful and satisfying conclusion to the events set in motion over the course of Act’s One and Two. 

Hardspace Shipbreaker-Final Campaign Act

HardSpace ShipBreaker- Save & Load Ships

Save & Load Ships - Save your in-progress salvage! No more losing value on a behemoth ship because you need to step away.

With the help of our fantastic community, the pace of progress has been tuned to perfection.

Hardspace Shipbreaker-Improved Progression

HardSpace ShipBreaker- Improved Performance

We’ve diligently worked out a ship-load of kinks to provide the smoothest and most reliable version of the game yet.

Show-off your salvaging prowess with these rewards with the Trading Cards & Emoticons.

Hardspace Shipbreaker Steam Achievements

HardSpace ShipBreaker- Pricing

Xbox Game Pass for Windows costs $9.99 per month, but Microsoft often runs a special offer for new members: $1 a month for 3 months.

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