Los Angeles Dodgers- Journalist

The Los Angeles Dodgers pay tribute to the legendary journalist Vin Scully by sporting the commemorative black.

Scully who, with a 67-year tenure broadcasting events throughout Brooklyn as well as Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Dodgers- Broadcastings

Los Angeles Dodgers- Sportscaster

The longest-tenured sportscaster with only one team in the history of sports died on Tuesday night.

The Dodgers are away until Friday, but they will pay tribute to Scully by presenting a pregame tribute.

Los Angeles Dodgers- Until Friday

Dodgers, as well as San Francisco Giants players, gathered on the field prior to the game on Wednesday.

Los Angeles Dodgers- Other Teams

Additionally, there was a moment of silence for players from the Los Angeles Angels took.

Los Angeles Dodgers- Silence

Scully was honored and remembered by his fans across L.A. on Wednesday. Many remembered his voice.

Los Angeles Dodgers- Honored

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It was similar to listening to your favorite tune on the radio every day He was always playing.

Los Angeles Dodgers- Favourite Tune

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