Domantas Sabonis- National Team

Jonas Valanciunas and Domantas Sabonis made their debuts on the Lithuanian national team in the summer.

With the help of the large man pair, Lithuania comfortably defeated Finland on home soil.

Domantas Sabonis- Defeated Finland

Domantas Sabonis- Huge Distinctions

With the huge distinction in class between both NBA centers Lithuania's home team got started with a 15-2 lead. 

The remainder of the first quarter was the same as well, and Lithuania had a lead of 15 points in just 10 minutes.

Domantas Sabonis- The First Quarter

While Lithuania had a 14-point lead at the break but the fifth-ranked European squad continued to crush.

Domantas Sabonis- European Points

Even though Finland took the lead in their final game, the victor of the game was never in doubt.

Domantas Sabonis- Their Final Points

Domantas Sabonis was the sole player to score in the double digits for Lithuania and led his team to 10 points.

Domantas Sabonis- The Sole Player

Image Source- NBA

Domantas Sabonis- The Top Scorer

Image Source- 8 Points, 9 Seconds

Madsen was the top scorer in Finland's squad with 16 points on the shooting of 6-for-7 and 3 rebounding.

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