Donald Trump- LIV Golf

LIV Golf, Have you known about it? It's the dubious new golf visit financed by Saudi Arabia.

It's proceeding to draw in huge names notwithstanding where the cash is coming from.

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The Washington Post's Ben Strauss states, "LIV Golf's future on U.S. Television is questionable.

NFL quarterback, has a very famous public broadcast on New York City's WFAN and went on a furious tirade.

Donald Trump- New York City

Veteran games telecaster Bob Costas shot the Saudi-supported visit during an appearance on CNN.

Donald Trump- Telecaster

So the 9/11 families are extremely harmed about this, exceptionally irritated; there will be fights outside the grounds.

Donald Trump- Harmed

Yet assuming we picked up anything about Donald Trump, which it shouldn't have taken extremely.

Donald Trump- Shouldn'd Have

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The possibility that Rupert Murdoch's Fox News is moving in an opposite direction from Trump?

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The Seattle Seahawks and star wide recipient DK Metcalf have consented to a three-year...

Signed Contract with DK Metcalf Worth