Donald Trump- Jan. 6 Riot

Committee held the committee's eighth open sessions Wednesday, it was the latest of a string of high-profile hearings.

The tragic riot was due to former President Donald Trump's attempts to rescind the results of his election.

Donald Trump- Former President

Donald Trump- Focused on the Event

The hearing was focused on the events that occurred in the 187-minute period between Trump's speech.

He urged supporters to join a march towards the Capitol and also tweeted calling on rioters.

Donald Trump- Urged Supporters

Trump did not say that the elections were over in an address on speech on Jan. seven speech as per never-before.

Donald Trump- The Elections

A new video footage of the Sen. Josh Hawley fleeing the crowd after his fist pump "riled up" the crowd.

Donald Trump- Video Footage

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Trump was adamant about calling to end the war for a while until Ivanka Trump was able to convince him.

Donald Trump- Convince Him

A former White House counsel Pat Cipollone told a courtroom evidence in a recorded testimony.

Donald Trump- Whote House

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A little less than a month has gone by after the shock that followed Dejounte Murray's departure out of the Spurs.

Dejounte Murray Statement Regarding Spurs