Donovan Mitchell- New York Knicks

The New York Knicks may be making their most significant decision of their offseason over the coming weeks.

Utah Jazz are reportedly hoping to receive more from Mitchell than they have in exchange for Rudy Gobert.

Donovan Mitchell- In Exchange

Donovan Mitchell- Deal Made

The last time the Knicks exchanged a player for one was in February 2011, when the deal was made.

Now, eleven years later and there's a chance that New York will be adding Donovan or Melo to their roster.

Donovan Mitchell- Adding Roster

Those who oppose the Knicks' trading of Mitchell. However, there are those who believe it's the best decision.

Donovan Mitchell- Best Decision

If New York brings Mitchell in the other players would be more inclined to learn about the advantages.

Donovan Mitchell- More Inclined

Richard Jefferson, whose name has made Knicks fans sigh believes that the team should do everything.

Donovan Mitchell- Do Everything

Donovan Mitchell- An Interviewer

Image Source- SI.COM, Wikipedia

Jefferson was an interviewer on the "Bad Weather Fans' podcast along with Mike as well as Alex.

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