Donovan Mitchell- Number of Picks

It's not about the players that are in the group. It's not about the number of picks in the first round.

Donovan Mitchell stalemate over really only one thing: the number of "unprotected" first-round picks.

Donovan Mitchell- Stalemate

Donovan Mitchell- FIrst Rounders

On draft night in June Rose took a couple of first-rounders that were protected during his wheeling and dealing.

The fact that he's attached protected first-rounders in the Utah deal hasn't agitated Ainge's spirit.

Donovan Mitchell- Attached Unprotected

The Jazz dropped. Sources say The Post Ainge is after four picks in the first round that are unprotected -not just two.

Donovan Mitchell- After Four Picks

The Knicks don't care about the exact package of players -they're only concerned with the amount of first-round.

Donovan Mitchell- Player's Package

The Post reported Saturday the Knicks believe that an Jalen Brunson and Mitchell backcourt could lead.

Donovan Mitchell- Believe in Brunson

Donovan Mitchell- Potentials

Image Source- SI.COM, Wikipedia

The Knicks are home to four potential first-rounders who are, for the most part are lottery-protected.

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