The imminent breakup of the Utah Jazz was the most secretive thing in the NBA during the past year.

Donovan Mitchell- Utah Jazz

Donovan Mitchell- Initial Reports

The initial reports stated that the Jazz wanted to retain Donovan Mitchell and continue building around him.

That was never a good idea considering that the rest of the team was being ripped apart around Mitchell.

Donovan Mitchell- Never a Good Idea

Mitchell is reportedly in the market for a trade and it's will require a massive selection of picks.

Donovan Mitchell- In the Market

It's not a secret there was a rumor that Mitchell was a target for the New York Knicks were likely to look into Mitchell.

Donovan Mitchell- New York Knicks

Knicks management were seen in the in the stands watching Mitchell during Utah's initial round playoff game.

Donovan Mitchell- Team Management

He comes located in Westchester County, New York. The Knicks have been quietly trading down to acquire.

Donovan Mitchell- Located in the

Image Source- GQ

On Wednesday night The Athletic reported the Knicks and Jazz are in talks about the possibility of a Mitchell trade.

Donovan Mitchell- The Athletic Reports

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