Drake London- New Receiver

Falcons new receiver Drake London caught a pass of 24 yards by Marcus Mariota on the first drive.

London quit the game with a an injury to her knee and won't be able to play again this evening as The Falcons.

Drake London- Knee Injury

Drake London- Suffered an Injury

London got up and ran away when Safety DeShon Elliott was able to tackle him and suffered an injury.

London was unable to play in the final four games of the 2021 USC season because of an injury to his ankle.

Drake London- Unable to Play

He received 88 passes for 1,084 yards, with seven scores in the year 2021 being the top player on his team.

Drake London- Seven Scores

He was awarded the Pac-12 offensive player of the year honors despite not playing the full season.

Drake London- Offensive Player

Lions were able to score on each their drives to gain an early lead of 10-7 in the second half.

Drake London- Able to Score

Drake London- Eight Overall

Image Source- Marca

London was picked at No. eight overall during the 2022 NFL Draft out of USC and was the first WR.

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