Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green takes on anyone who has criticised LeBron James's performances.

Draymond Green- Golden State Warriors

Draymond Green- Not Surprise

It is surely not no surprise to anyone at this point it is true that LeBron James recently appeared alongside.

In doing so the player seemed to break his silence in the NBA community for two straight days.

Draymond Green- Player Seemed

Numerous fans could not refrain from talking about how the guy was only going at a half-speed speed.

Draymond Green- Numerous Fans

Many fans have stepped up and spoken a line or two about It appears that Draymond Green isn't any other.

Draymond Green- Stepped Up

NBA players are usually expected to relax at home or at best, practice their game in private training.

Draymond Green- Usually Expected

However, as you've seen LeBron's thoughts on the matter, he had a different perspective.

Draymond Green- Thoughts

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To build on that and add more, here's what Draymond Green has to say about the whole issue.

Draymond Green- Whole Issues

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After securing yet another NBA title with the Golden State Warriors in June their fourth win...

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