Draymond Green- NBA Champion

Draymond Green is the reigning world champion four times, however, it seems that the entire world.

The Warriors veteran forward, who was fresh off winning his fourth win in the span of eight seasons.

Draymond Green- Warriors Star

Draymond Green- Hours in Gym

Green was eager to put in some hours during the offseason, but then the unexpected occurred.

Green was spotted at his gym at UCLA and was almost not be allowed entry by security.

Draymond Green- Entry by Security

That's the champ man," someone said. "C'mon man, that's the champ. You got to let him through."

Draymond Green- That's the Champ

Draymond Green is an iconic name. However, a security officer refused Green access to a gym at UCLA.

Draymond Green- Iconic Name

Most Amazingly, Green got a lot of people gathered who just wanted to snap pictures.

Draymond Green- Snap Pictures

Image Source- SI.COM

The defensive star is already making his way to the practice facilities, despite winning the title last month.

Draymond Green- Practice Arena

Image Source-Bleacher Report

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