Draymond Green- Ideal Analogy

Draymond's ideal analogy comparing the 2017 Warriors and 1998 Bulls first appeared on NBC Sports Bay area.

Warriors' Draymond Green used an internet analogy to compare the two on Thursday's episode.

Draymond Green- To Compare

Draymond Green- Internet Today

Can you compare AOL with high-speed internet today?" Green asked Washington Wizards forward.

Just because AOL is great now doesn't mean it wasn't great in the past." Why can't we do this with basketball?

Draymond Green- Great Now

Draymond believes that fans often forget to consider the style of play when they throw around.

Draymond Green- To Consider

He said that pundits do not have to downplay the greatness of a player when comparing them.

Draymond Green- To Downplay

This was his point when he tweeted that the 2017 Warriors would easily defeat 1998 Bulls.

Draymond Green- A Tweet

It's impossible to predict who will win this matchup, for obvious reasons. These types of conversations.

Draymond Green- This Matchup

Image Source- RedBird Rants

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