Draymond Green- No One is Safe

Draymond Green said that no one is safe, not even or the two other stars who make up the Warriors' Big Three.

The dynamic trio of Steph curry, Klay Thompson, and Green have been playing together in the Bay.

Draymond Green- Dynamic Trio

Draymond Green- Latest Episode

Green explained in his latest episode "The Draymond Green Show", these so-called arguments seldom occur.

Green stated that they have not had many arguments since it isn't how personalities match up.

Draymond Green- Many Arguments

I do most of my yelling, and they usually ignore me. If I yell at one of them and they yell back.

Draymond Green- Ignore Me

I'm not going to get into a screaming match. When I say something, they say something back.

Draymond Green- Screaming Match

They are open, honest, and real with one another, which is probably why they have won four NBA championships.

Draymond Green- Open & Honest

Draymond Green- Having Discussion

Image Source- Bleacher Reports

Green stated, "That's not how we roll." So I do most of the talking. This can lead to us having a discussion.

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