Draymond Green- Golden State Warriors

Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry might appear friendly and humble, however, from what we've learned.

Following a video of Curry's no-look 3-pointers became to the top of YouTube, Green couldn't help.

Draymond Green- 3 Pointers

Curry displayed it to be a complete joke and felt he needed to let the entire world know how brutal the act was.

Draymond Green- Brutal Joke

The most indecent move in the history of sports. It was done so gracefully," Green said.

Draymond Green- NBA History

There's a reason why Stephen Curry is called the " Baby Face Assassin" and is widely regarded as the best shooter.

Draymond Green- NBA Baby Face

His confidence in firing long-range bombs is not widely known and it's a challenge to defend him.

Draymond Green- Long Rangers Shots

Image Source- Marca

Draymond Green- NBA Title

Image Source- Si.com

He's still at his peak after another year which saw them win the NBA title together with the Warriors.

The defenses that are in opposition may be better off shutting their eyes every time the Warriors guard shoots.

Draymond Green- Eye Opposition

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