Drew Lock- Take a Job

Drew Lock didn't accomplish enough to take the job over Smith who was the most likely candidate to begin.

Lock had three interceptions as well as one touchdown during his 56 minutes of action in the game.

Drew Lock- Three Interceptions

This is the second time in a row summer that Lock is no longer in the starting position.

Drew Lock- Starting Position

Teddy Bridgewater beat Lock to the punch during a match in Denver in training camp last year.

Drew Lock- Match Time

Lock was scheduled to begin the second preseason game, but was positive for COVID-19 just two days prior to the game.

Drew Lock- Preseason Game

The easy answer is anytime you miss a game it sets you back whether its preseason or regular season," Lock stated.

Drew Lock- He Said

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Drew Lock- Touchdowns & Interceptions

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In two preseason contests, Lock scored a total of 24-of-39 yards, scoring three touchdowns as well as three interceptions.

I was very disappointed that I didn't get to play in that game, but I came out in practice this week a lot better.

Drew Lock- Play in that Game

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