Soon Amazon Prime Air drones will be tested in Texas. Tests for drone delivery are taking place in College Station, Texas.

Amazon Drone Delivery- College Station

Amazon Drone Delivery- Hexagonal Shape

Amazon claims that the current MK27-2 design (shown below) features a hexagonal shape.

Which Amazon claims increases stability and propellers. This will reduce high-frequency sound waves.

Amazon Drone Delivery- Stability

In 2013, the company announced its plans to launch a 30-minute drone delivery service.

Amazon Drone Delivery- Company Announced

The company also showed the now-dated video as an example of what the future could look like.

Amazon Drone Delivery- An Example

Amazon showcased redesigned drones with hybrid VTOL (vertical landing and takeoff) capabilities in 2019.

Amazon Drone Delivery- Redesigned

The Federal Aviation Administration approved the drones to carry packages and work beyond the operator.

Amazon Drone Delivery- Federal Aviations

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Reports focused on the obstacles Amazon faced before announcing plans for delivery testing to consumers.

Amazon Drone Delivery- Reports Focused

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The Commerce Department reported Friday that consumer spending held steady during the inflation surge.

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