There's a possibility that the Jazz as well as the Heat haven't made any deals due to the involvement of Duncan Robinson's contract.

The Utah Jazz is enjoying an exciting summer, however not in the best way. It's being crushed through Danny Ainge.

If there's a team that is consistently successful in acquiring and thrives in acquiring elite players who know their job.

Mitchell was eventually signed by the Cavaliers regardless but this doesn't mean Miami does not want any other pieces.

Duncan Robinson emerged as an exceptional sharpshooter when he came through in the NBA as a player who could shoot.

In 2021 the contract he signed with his new team kicked into effect, and will let him make $90 million over five years.

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The reality is that Robinson was able to put together a poor playoff performance during the 2021-22 season.

Miami has been lurking. But in order to do a trade with Miami, the Jazz would probably have to take back Duncan Robinson.

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