DWAC Stock- Digital World

Digital World Acquisition Corp ( DWAC) The stock has increased by 9.99 percent over the last week.

Sentiment utilizes short-term technical analysis to determine if the stock is coveted by investors

DWAC Stock- Short Term

DWAC Stock- Technical Indicator

As a technical indicator it is based on current trends rather than the long time health of the company.

Information about the company, like an earnings report could shift the stock away from the current trends.

DWAC Stock- Earning Reports

The price movements are usually the most reliable indicator of the mood of a stock.

DWAC Stock- Price Movements

In essence it is a measure of the current mood of the market is either bearish or bullish.

DWAC Stock- Current Mood

Investors need to be bullish when an investment is trending upwards, while they are negative.

DWAC Stock- To be Bullish

The Sentiment Indicator takes into account both price fluctuations and fluctuations in volume.

DWAC Stock- Into Account

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