Dwight Howard- The NBA Team

Lakers center Dwight Howard isn't yet with the NBA team, but league training camps due to begin in three weeks.

When L.A. signed young free center Thomas Bryant and Damian Jones this summer, it was clear.

Dwight Howard- Free Center

The evidence was there for forwarding Howard: Rob Pelinka and his team were prepared to go on the move.

Dwight Howard- Lakers on Next Move

Los Angeles does currently have at the very least two open spots on its regular 15-man roster.

Dwight Howard- Roster Format

6 foot 10" big man dominated the Former All-Star star DeAndre Jordan when both were playing for the unlucky 33-49.

Dwight Howard- Dominated the Season

Howard played during 60 matches with L.A. last year, averaging 6.2 scores on 61.2 percent shooting.

Dwight Howard- Shooting Percentage

Image Source- Yahoo

Dwight Howard- Regular Seasons

Image Source- Lakers Nation

Howard has been in Los Angeles for three consecutive seasons as a player in Los Angeles.

Howard was traded to the Lakers first made a trade for Howard in 2012 under various leadership.

Dwight Howard- Made a Trade

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